Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

CLINTON—is in Internet Damage Control Mode

There is a massive smoke screen appearing on the internet. The FBI is meant to be releasing information on the Hillary Clinton’s emails. Instead, a very interesting reputation damage trick is being played out by the FBI and the Clintons to minimise the damage from the real information getting out before the election.

When you google “FBI releases Clinton” you get page after page of Google searches that relate only to FBI releasing closed case file on Bill Clinton of 15 years ago, curiously released two days ago and days out from the election.

The reason being folks, is to dilute the internet for at least 7 pages of searches from reaching the real damaging information concerning Hillary’s exposing at least 20 pages of TOP SECRET information through her lack of security maintenance.

Haven’t seen this trick used since global accounting firm Anderson’s was caught out shredding client files from the US Tax Department in 2002. They released 7 pages of Google fluff to try and minimise the damage to their brand.

Hillary is obviously is now very worried but it appears that the FBI are enabling her in this ruse. It just shows the public that the US really does need a clean out of their FBI Department. 

WHY the American public should be concerned about Hillary’s lack of judgement on security

In a stunning bulletin from Fox News, the same inside sources that told Bret Baier of the aggressive FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation also say that there is a 99% probability that Hillary Clinton’s private email server was hacked by at least FIVE foreign agencies. So much for the feeble excuse that the security lapse doesn’t matter because her server was never hacked. The source said the investigation is continuing and indictments are likely.

For all those Democrats who still insist this is a big nothingburger, it’s now a nothingburger with strychnine sauce and a big slice of listeria-infected cheese. In case you still haven’t grasped just how serious this offense is, a 20-year veteran of CIA intelligence gathering wrote about it for The Hill newspaper, and some of the adjectives he chose include “insane,” “mind-boggling” and “nauseating.” At the link, he also gives a sobering look at how classified information is supposed to be handled and why (the Secretary of State’s every communication is prize #1 for every hostile intelligence agency on the planet), and why “anyone else who did such things in the government would long ago have been tried, convicted and sent to jail.”

And that’s for a single incident of mishandling classified information. Reminder: Hillary’s unsecured server contained over 100 documents marked classified at the time; 2,000 more that should have been marked classified; and 33,000 that she destroyed before the government could see them. The FBI has also reportedly found new emails from Hillary on Anthony Weiner’s computer that have yet to be turned over or examined. And remember, despite his denials, President Obama did communicate with Hillary over her personal server, exposing even the private messages of the President of the United States to foreign hackers.

To sum it up in plain terms: One selfish person began day one of her position of high public trust by laying the groundwork to thwart the Freedom of Information Act and prevent the public from ever learning of the unethical/illegal/self-enriching things she was already planning to do. Because of that, national security has been compromised in ways we can’t even know about, and our intelligence sources and agents in the field may have had their lives put in danger. Some may have already been killed or had to flee their homelands.

And according to the current polls, about 45% of Americans think that person should be entrusted with the Presidency of the United States. Let us pray that changes dramatically before next Tuesday.