Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Quick Guide to the Denominations of Islam

Muslim denoms

Islam consists of roughly 84% Sunnis, 15% Shiites and 1% unorthodox.

Sunni Muslims believe anyone can rule as long as they have adequate knowledge of the Quran,

Shia Muslims however believe that only the blood-descendants of Muhammed can rule.

- Wahhabis (Saudi) are a stricter fundamental form of Sunni Islam and the source of global terrorism eg Taliban, al Qaeda.

- Salafi Muslims (Osama Bin Laden) are even more pure form of Sunni Islam than Wahhabis and only follow the way of Islamic that Muhammad practiced. (ISIS)

- Alawites are a Shiite mystical sect and believe in reincarnation.

- Sufis are the ascetic evangelists of mystical Islam that also spawned the Muslim Brotherhood.

- Ahmadis promote peaceful propagation of Islam, but are so unorthodox that they are often considered outside of Islam.

Why all of this is important:

Saudi, UAE and Qatar are predominately Wahhabi and funding a return to Sunni fundamentalism across the world.

ISIS are Sunni fundamentalists following mainly the hardcore Wahhabi/Salafi Jihad. They persecute the Shiites, Sufi and Yazidis as apostates. They also regard the Alawites as heretics and apostates to Islam and persecute them.
Sufis—sit within both sects of Islam but are also persecuted as heretics in both Sunni and Shiite countries.

Ahmadis sit so far out of mainstream Islam that they are considered heretics, apostates and persecuted by both Sunnis and Shiites.

So while there is infighting, know: that establishing the GLOBAL Caliphate—the Islamic ruling Government—is the goal of all Muslim sects and has the support for every Imam.

Guarding over the “Ummah” (the Nation of Islam), is the charge Muhammad placed on every follower of Islam through the Koran.  Subduing the world for Islam, is the cause into which every believer of Islam must devote their lives and money.

The enemy of Islam is unbelief—therefore unbelievers, apostates, atheists, Christians and Jews are also the enemy of believers and may not be trusted, befriended, obeyed or helped until they convert.