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AUSTRALIAN STUDY: Mosques Impact Local Communities

We have gone to our Council’s Planning Departments with our concerns to no avail. Even our Courts have asked for the Social Impact studies that relate specifically to Australia. Now we can go to them both with the evidence that our concerns about Mosques in Australia are warranted. Finally a detailed non-political study has been done by a recognised …

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Muslim Immigration and Why it Needs to be Stopped

To understand the Issues with Islamic migration is to understand that unlike any other group on the planet, Muslims and Islam share an interwoven a path of living life called Sharia. Islam prescribes what they eat, who they marry, gender roles, occupations and outlook on life, food clothing and laws of communal living (Government). Their …

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How many have to die before we address the elephant

People are accusing Anti-Islam pages (like Stop the Mosque in Bendigo) that report each massacre as it unfolds before they know if it was Muslim-related—as being racist and divisive. Understand these pages are also against the lies of “Political Correctness” and for good reason. The media, the Government and the police are now choosing to withhold information from the …

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How we have allowed Sharia in the West.

Australia has “politely” allowed Islamic law, Sharia to have its way in our country. This is becoming dangerous to our freedom, the equality cornerstone of our culture and it must be halted immediately. Consider the following:

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Selling out Journalism for Political Ends—ENEMEDIA

ENEMEDIA: Definition: (Urban Dictionary) “media–usually left-wing –that lies, distorts, censors and ignores key facts or information when reporting out of fear, ignorance, ineptitude or the typically willful promotion the a the Left side of political agendas only, choosing to dispense propaganda instead of questioning authority and practicing objective journalism”….(selling out journalism for political ends) Sitting through seven …

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Today the Courts System failed us

We learned today that the mosque planning application for Bendigo has been given the go ahead, even though the majority of the town doesn’t want it, wasn’t consulted and a list of planning anomalies that measures nearly one and half metres in length. Justice has not been done. Political correctness has been done. Democracy has …

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Soros and His US and Australian Minions

George Soros was born in Hungary. His family were non practising Jews and changed their name to assimilate into the gentile population. When Hitler’s henchman, Adolf Eichmann arrived in Hungary to oversee the extermination of the Jews, George Soros ended up working with a man whose job it was to confiscate property from the Jewish population. Seventy …

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What Facebook wanted kept from the Australian Public

  We have just been given the details of the post that caused the 10 people behind the infamous “Stop the Mosque in Bendigo” to be banned—some as long as 30 days—from using Facebook. The Admins posted this comment this morning: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Hi Guys we are back after Facebook placed a ban on EVERY …

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HIJAB—How Muslims identify a free woman from a slave or “meat”

The head covering in Islam—the Hijab, is not liberation, nor will it ever will be for the advancement of women. Most believers tend to have their own opinions of why something is a part of their religion. Hijab is one of those subjects, where the Muslim public relations campaign is usually #Myhijab with a semi attractive …

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Stoning, Lashing, Amputating countries on the rise

What normal Sunni Muslims think—killing the myth of radical Islam. A congress of Muslims in Norway is interrupted to show commonality and unity in beliefs concerning Sharia and Sharia Punishments. The West has been shocked by seeming barbarity of ISIS and the daily Sharia punishments it metres out on residents. Yet 2016 began with Saudi Arabia …

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