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Halal is a Rort—says IMAM and here is why.

Summary: 1. Halal certifiers sought to duplicate the Kosher system of certification —Muslims may not follow the earthly ways of “people of the book” therefore this practice is against the Koran. 2. The only foods that Allah said a Muslim must not eat (haram) is Pork, Blood, meat that has been strangled or slaughtered with a blunt knife. …

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Oil, Banks and Wahhabism

Background Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933, he acted swiftly to try and stabilize the economy and provide jobs and relief to those who were suffering from the 1928 Wall Street crash that had then developed into the “Great Depression”. In 1932, Congress passed Roosevelt’s Emergency Banking Act, reorganized the banks and closed the ones …

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Muslim Brotherhood wants the establishment of a world, global Islamic State.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a well-known front group for the radical Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood, yet they’ll attempt to appear to the public as a “civil rights” group — it’s a much friendlier title. They were also named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the The Holy Land Foundation trial — the largest terrorism …

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VIDEO: Man who escaped ISIS

(NEW VIDEO added to VIDEOS: Islams Agenda) Man Who Escaped ISIS—”They Want to Plan an Attack ‘More Brutal’ than 9/11″ (4.35 mins) Rashidi learned that ISIS goal is to be “better” than al-Qaeda. They intend to perform a more disastrous attack on the west than 9/11, “They want to be more… better than al-Qaeda. This is …

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Why Islam breeds terrorists

Humans have a higher order value that drives our lives above our self-preservation, above our spouse, and above our children. This life purpose people can find through religion and other “isms” of our world like socialism, capitalism. Consider Islam as one of these sources that gives purpose and meaning to billions of people. Here amongst its scriptures you will find complete …

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The Future of Terrorism: al-Qaeda’s 7 stage plan

By Yassin Musharbash (Speigel Article copied in full)  written in 2005 “If there is anyone who might possibly have an inkling as to what al-Qaida are up to, it is the Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein. He has not only spent time in prison with al-Zarqawi, but has also managed make contact with many of the …

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Say NO to World Hijab Day

SAY NO to World Hijab Day: A female must wear a Hijib because to Muslim men her entire body is a “SEX ORGAN” This means if any part of her body is exposed, then it is her fault if she is raped. Hijabs in the nation of Islam are to be worn from the age …

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New Video: Home Grown Jihad—terrorist camps around the U.S.

(Archived to VIDEOS: Islam affecting the West) 20. PBR: Homegrown Jihad-Terrorist Camps Around The U.S. (35 mins)  The explosive documentary that exposes the secret Islamic terrorist camps in America. With never-before-seen footage of terrorist compounds in America.

Human Rights and Islam

HUMAN RIGHTS AND ISLAM UN Declaration of Human Rights concerns the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family, for all peoples and all nations. Saudi Arabia, did not sign the UN declaration of Human Rights in 1948, arguing that it violated Islamic law. In 1990 Islamic countries created …

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Quick Guide to the Denominations of Islam

Islam consists of roughly 84% Sunnis, 15% Shiites and 1% unorthodox. Sunni Muslims believe anyone can rule as long as they have adequate knowledge of the Quran, Shia Muslims however believe that only the blood-descendants of Muhammed can rule. – Wahhabis (Saudi) are a stricter fundamental form of Sunni Islam and the source of global …

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