November 2016 archive

LGBTI—the facts they don’t want you to know

As a society we are being conditioned to accept that LGBTI is a legitimate lifestyle choice. In Victoria and Canberra parents are being forced to have their children preached this message under “Safe Schools” complete with descriptions on what each of those same lifestyle choices entail. The problem with this LGBTI (Humanist) Agenda is that they are just not telling …

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BROKEN HILL tragedy of 1915 was an answer to the call for Jihad

Just over 100 years ago on 11 November 1914 – the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V, and caliph of all Muslims, who had earlier signed a treaty with Germany, declared a holy war against Great Britain and her allies, “the mortal enemies of Islam”. The ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V, and caliph …

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CLINTON—is in Internet Damage Control Mode

There is a massive smoke screen appearing on the internet. The FBI is meant to be releasing information on the Hillary Clinton’s emails. Instead, a very interesting reputation damage trick is being played out by the FBI and the Clintons to minimise the damage from the real information getting out before the election. When you …

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