VICTORIA: Violent Home Invasion leaves TWO DEAD

WARNING:  Shocking account of what Victorian Police term “Home Invasion” but is in reality nothing short of a hate crime against Victorians. The mother lost her 6 month old baby in the bedroom after her belly was cruelly stomped on and the son committed suicide two months later after being bashed unconscious with a pipe on the night. All of this has been hidden from the public. This is a first hand account of the invasion.  All Names and the addresses have been changed. )

“The tall glass window on the front of the two-story house belonging to the Anderson family, shattered as Okot threw a brick at it. Strangely it didn’t make a loud noise as you would expect at 2:30 am in the still morning. The noise was more of a popping sound, followed by a quiet shattering of glass. Asleep upstairs in this house was Michael and his six-month pregnant wife Stephanie, and their two children Charlie and Katrina. Charlie was 12 and Katina was 9. The children were asleep in their bedrooms.

This wasn’t the first time the gang had been near the Anderson home as Okot and Alghaliy had been casing the place for a couple of weeks. The gangs of Victoria call it missioning. The way it works is the victim’s addresses are stalked to see the type and model of car they have. Prestige late model cars are a bonus to the gangs. The possible victims address is also missioned to assess if it shows any signs of wealth. Things like empty TV boxes lying on the nature strip, bikes in view, boats on trailers parked in the yard, etc. indicate to a gang on a missioning task, the residence displays a sign of wealth. This is what missioning is all about.

The Anderson’s house had become the target as Okot and Alghaliy had spotted an Audi and a relatively new Holden parked in their driveway. They had buyers lined up. They liked houses which had tall wide windows as this gave them easy access and departure to and from the residence. Two other youths, Mustapha, and Khari were involved as well. Mustapha would drive the arrival car which was a stolen vehicle, and Khari would be an assistant to the crime to grab phones and wallets and any other valuables which could be grabbed and carried quickly and easily. Once the job was done, Mustapha and Khari would speed off in the arrival car, and the boys would all meet up in a park to show off their spoils and brag about what they did. Then they would move to the selling point.

Once the window shattered, the gang moved quickly. They had their modus operandi down pat. Experience does this to you, and these boys had a lot of experience between them when it came to home invasions. At the time of this offence Okot and his three friends, Alghaliy, Mustapha, and Khari, were out on bail for similar offences. Sadly and frighteningly, in the state of Victoria in Australia, gang members who commit violent crimes such as home invasions, carjacking’s, gang bashings, and other forms of gang-related crime are more often than not, given bail by the judicial system.

At the time of smashing their way into the Anderson house, Okot, Mustapha, and Alghaliy were on bail for two similar offences. Khari, who sometimes ran with another gang had been bailed three times for various gang-related crime activities including two violent carjacking’s. No other state in Australia allows this, only in Victoria. The continual bailing for violent offenders is an insult to victims who continue to suffer long after violent offenders are set free. Some victims never recover. Yet, The Victorian government and Victorian Magistrates believe that by giving young offenders of violent crime continual bail assists them to rehabilitate.

On this early morning, the gang’s modus operandi was simple and effective. Smash the large front glass window, get in, get what we want, and then leave the area quickly. Home invasions are easy pickings. You overwhelm the occupants of the house with so much violence and noise they’ll gladly give you what you want so as to protect themselves.

The noise of shattering glass woke Michael and Stephanie from their sleep. They both looked at each other in the bleary darkness. Michael turned on his bedroom light and walked to their bedroom doorway. That’s as far as he got. Okot and Mustapha set upon him with a sudden flurry of punches. The attack was sudden and frenzied. Michael didn’t even have the chance to get his baseball bat from behind his bed. He kept this to protect his family. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of people live their lives in Victoria. This too is a new norm for us. We go to bed at night worried, scared, and frightened because we don’t know if tonight is our turn to be attacked or not. Hence the baseball bat, the cricket bat, and other equipment behind our beds brings us a little comfort, not much, just a little.

The intensity of the punches knocked Michael off balance and backwards. He crashed to the floor ending up on his back. Okot and Mustapha didn’t let up on him. They began to kick him as he lay on the ground. He felt his ribs crack and break from the ferocity of the attack. As he passed out, Michael could taste the blood and feel the spots where his missing teeth once lived. Michael briefly recalls seeing a pipe-like object coming down on him. He lost consciousness to the sound of his wife screaming in utter terror.

While Michael had been copping his beating, Alghaliy had gone around to Stephanie’s side of the bed and commenced dragging the now hysterical 6-month pregnant woman out of her bed. Khari jumped on the bed and began kicking the distressed Stephanie out of bed. She crashed onto the floor landing on her stomach. She rolled over on her side to try and defend herself, and when she did, Alghaligy stomped on her stomach twice, hard. He laughed as he did it.

‘My baby, my baby,’ Stephanie screamed in both pain and concern for her unborn child.

‘Where are your f***ing keys to your car you slut?’ Alghaligy yelled. ‘Give us the keys to your cars and your mobile phone and your wallets, you whore, or I’ll shove this knife up your c*** and you’ll have a free abortion.’

Alghaligy produced a machete from his belt and held it between Stephanie’s legs; the point of the blade resting against her vagina. ‘How do you like that you white trash whore. I might f*** you up the arse while I’m here. Where’s your phone, where are your car keys, where are your wallets?’

Throughout this violent home invasion, Stephanie was referred to often as a slut and white trash. ‘You’re garbage. Soon we will rule Melbourne.’

Stephanie kept yelling at her attackers to leave her family alone. She kept pointing to where the wallets and car keys and phones belonging to Michael and her lay. On top of the dressing table in their bedroom. That’s where they were. The gang could have easily taken them. There was no need for the bashings.

Charlie and Katrina, awoken by the noise and the screams appeared suddenly at the bedroom doorway. The kids were immediately grabbed by Okat and Mustapha. They attempted to have the young kids perform a sex act on each other while they laughed at them. The kids refused, more so because, given their young age, they didn’t know what to do. Okat replied by hitting Charlie on the head with his pipe. The wack split Charlie’s head open. He collapsed on the floor. He never knew what hit him. Katrina stood where she was and urinated. She was terrified.

Michael was a keen duck hunter. In his and Stephanie’s bedroom and was a firearms safe which contains two shotguns and ammunition. All secured and stored in accordance with Police regulations and the relevant firearms law. It was Alghaliy who spotted it.

‘Where’s the f***ing keys to the safe,’ he yelled.

Stephanie, who was vomiting and feeling weak from the loss of blood hesitated with her answer. Alghaliy grabbed Katrina by the neck with one hand and unzipped the fly of his trousers with the other.

He grabbed his dick and screamed at Stephanie to tell him where the key to the firearms safe was, or he was going to f***k her daughter up the arse.

Stephanie yelled, ‘No, no, please I beg you, no please leave her alone. She is a child. The key is in the top draw of the dressing table. Please take what you want and leave us, please, in the name of God I beg you.’

The gang laughed. One of them said, ‘We’re God, you white bitch.’

Alghaliy let go of Katrina to grab the key for the firearms safe. Stephanie saw this and yelled at Katrina to run. Terrified as she was, she did. In sheer fright, she bounded down the stairs and straight out of their house, running through the broken large window. Her feet were cut to pieces on the broken glass. She collapsed on the front nature strip. She screamed from the pain, the panic and the terror. Remember she was only 9 years of age.

Meanwhile, two shotguns and a couple of boxes of ammunition were removed from the safe by Alghaliy and Khari. The gang had what they wanted, and a bonus, the firearms. As they moved quickly to leave with their stolen loot, Alghaliy bent down and slashed Michael’s face with his machete as he rushed past him. This home invasion had lasted less than five minutes. It was quick, and it was violent. A typical home invasion in Victoria.

Okat and Mustapha jumped into Michael’s and Stephanie cars and sped off. Alghaliy and Khari slid into the seats of the car they had arrived in and drove off at a breakneck pace. This car would be later found out of fuel and abandoned. When it had ran out of fuel, Alghaliy and Khari did not panic. They stopped on the street, forcing a couple of cars to pull up behind them. The boys then jumped out of their car and pointed the barrel of a 12 gauge shotgun at the driver of one of the cars, and told her to get out. She did as she was instructed. She was knocked senseless to the ground as Khari smashed her twice in the face with the butt of the shotgun. When she thumped to the ground, she was also kicked her a couple of times. Khari and Alghaliy fled the scene in the woman’s car.

The Violence of this hate crime had far reaching consequences

Stephanie would survive the bashing, but lost the baby. Her broken jaw, nose and missing teeth would take a long time to recover. She no longer drives and refuses to go out at night. Months after the event, she is still traumatised. The paramedics called for more assistance as they immediately set about trying to save Stephanie and her unborn baby. They saved Stephanie, but not her baby. Some of Stephanie’s ribs had been broken in the assault. She miscarried and lost her baby on the floor of her bedroom.

More paramedics arrived. One the crews were on their fourth home invasion for the evening. Charlie and Michael were attended to where they lay. The daughter Katrina’s yelling attracted the attention of the neighbours. Some rushed to the family’s aid. A triple 000 call was made. The Ambulance response was quick. The Police response was less so. This is what happens when the State of Victoria has an under-strength and under-resourced Police Force.

The son, Charlie was alive but unconscious. He would be in a coma for two months. Charlie would later commit suicide due to the trauma of this home invasion.

The father Michael would require years of plastic surgery to repair the damage to his face. Eventually, he would spiral into deep depression because he felt guilty that he was unable to defend and protect his family on this night. He is still in care.

The Daughter Katrina would recover from her cut feet. But, because of the trauma, she suffered that night; she also would go into deep depression. She has withdrawn from the world and shut herself off from everyone. She has no friends. Stephanie is attempting to home school her as Katrina is too frightened to attend school. She too is still in care and is a regular admission into a psychiatrist hospital.

Today the Andersons live like boxed-in rats. They have five surveillance cameras observing their property. Michael cannot stop watching the monitor screens for early warnings of another home invasion. They have had roller screens installed on all their windows and anti-crime doors installed.

Michael’s shotguns were replaced through insurance. He now leaves the safe open as it gives him quick access to a shotgun upstairs. This shotgun is always loaded. Downstairs, he keeps another shotgun loaded and behind the kitchen fridge. This is how some people are forced to live in Victoria. The Andersons have also purchased two Doberman dogs.

The questions Michael and Stephanie keep asking, we all keep asking, is why does the Victorian judicial system allow violent young criminals out on bail? They are part of the ever-growing Sudanese youth and African gangs which flourishes in Victoria…

At the time of writing this article a black teenager facing 78 charges was given bail, despite breaching his bail conditions 10 times previously. Once again, the Victorian Government and Victorian Magistrates believe that by giving young offenders of violent crime continual bail assists them to rehabilitate.”



Andrews arrests patriots as payback for Dastyari

Victorian Police have now arrested FIVE patriots involved in a Milo Supporters counter rally at the Milo Conference held in Melbourne December 4 last year, yet no reports of Union or African thugs arrested.

The last person was arrested yesterday by seven heavily armed police at his home as he arrived back from work, in front of his visiting in-laws and his frightened young daughter. His crime…attending a supporters rally for Milo before attending the ticketed event and fending off a feral Milo protestor trying to kick him. (The photo of the feral attempting to kick him was even shown to the patriot at the time of the arrest, by police and STILL the police arrested him .) His charge is assault and affray and carries a maximum jail term of 10 years.

This is what happens in the Labor stronghold of Victoria when you openly support the removal of Labor’s corrupt, golden-boy and Muslim,  Sam Dastyari. It has left no doubt in the minds of Conservative supporters that this latest string of arrests is payback for Dastyari’s demise and humiliating removal from Federal politics.

The Victorian Police Minister also wants  to charge Milo organisers $50,000 for the police presence at his public event. Despite all  of the revealing amateur footage being removed from Youtube and Facebook, Australia did witness once again that the violent protests in Melbourne were from the Left. However, this time they were abley joined by African Muslim thugs who attacked attendees of the Milo event as they left the conference to returned to their cars.

Riot police were called to the Flemington Housing Commission  blocks to quell the violence. The police presence didn’t stop members of the public returning to their car from being robbed and assaulted by these gangs into the early hours of the morning. Yet we have heard of no arrests of any Left wing protesters, even though police have photos of them attempting to kick patriots.  We have heard of no arrests of any black Muslims thugs, including those that attacked and robbed an ex-Councillor around midnight returning to his car after the event.

The only recent arrests being reported are those of  five patriots, some with tickets to the actual Milo event that have now have been arrested for wanting to stand in support of Milo speaking here. This witch hunt against Australians wanting to protect Australian values and the sovereignty of Australia has got to stop. Andrew and Police Minister Neville need to get their act together and start protecting Victorians from the escalating violence of their failed multicultural experiment rather than attacking patriotic and loyal Australians.

We note that the Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville has been photographed by media with four members of the Communist founded and Soros supported “Get Up” left wing activists. Soros is renowned Fabian Socialist and financial terrorist that is actively behind the immigration invasion of Europe— spreading brochures to potential immigrants, telling them where to land, who to contact when they get there and their rights. His Open Society Foundation is investing 17 billion a year to groups like Get up, Emily’s List and Move On as well as politicians like Obama and Clinton to  create his utopian new world order out of the social chaos he is orchestrating.

The arrests of these five Aussie patriots is yet another example of Socialists attacking those that want to preserve the existing society.

Here is how the biased, left-wing media reported it.


WARNING from Manus Island ex-employee’s spouse.

“For some time my husband worked at the [Manus Island Detention] centre. He, his former work colleagues, local staff, female and male were subjected to violent assaults and even assaults of a sexual nature on a daily basis; with my husband having been assaulted DOZENS of times. 

The staff there were spat at, some being knocked unconscious and beaten whilst incapacitated, another was struck from behind with a metal bar (being partially scalped from the attack), chairs, rocks and poles were all used as weapons against the staff which, included females. There was even a recent incident of a female doctor surviving a strangulation attempt; these are just some of the hundreds of examples…..

There have also been numerous incidences involving the local populace, including children that have had physical attempts of a sexual nature made against them, by men staying in the centre.

Despite what some elements within the media and politics would have you believe, they were able to leave and access places outside the centre, including beaches, villages and towns. Further to this almost one thousand  of these men have elected to return home to their country of origin. Some of those who chose to remain on the island had to be escorted when leaving the centre as they had been identified as being high risk repeat sexual offenders… LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE….

This group of men have been caught using lollies and chocolates in an attempt to lure young children into their accommodation, for purposes I would shudder to imagine, with one of these men being recently charged for the sexual assault of a ten year old child.

The men at this centre have been coached by advocates in Australia on how to cultivate an image of who they are, and of their conditions that would best serve their political aims in Australia and abroad.

They have for years now deliberately provoked the local population, routinely making threats, throwing rocks and defaming the local culture, race and the PNG nation itself. This type of deliberate and concerted behaviour has naturally elicited a reaction from the people of Manus Island and has helped to achieve the (false) narrative that Manus Island was an unsafe place to live.

My heart is breaking for the Manus Island people, as it is for every staff member, many of whom are Australian and New Zealand citizens that have had to endure sustained verbal and physical abuse.

After hearing so many first-hand accounts, I am grateful for the mental and moral resilience of the men and women who have been tasked with the difficult job of maintaining order within the centre, and hope that they
have not suffered in their mental health at having to witness such depravity by these perpetrators.

Knowing now what I do, I could hardly care less about the “plight” of these rapefugees, where they have come from, their culture or religion – my thoughts are only for the people of Manus Island and Australia.

I find it interesting that here in Australia many women leading the protests – determined to put pressure on the government to bring these low life’s here…..why is that? Why are these particular women making excuses for the violence against fellow citizens and ignoring the sexual assault of CHILDREN?!

The men there, in collusion with advocates from Australia, created a Facebook page (thankfully now removed) dedicated to finding out and posting the addresses of staff members’ family homes here in Australia (after viewing this page I was deeply disturbed by its content and its implications). The page contained images, locations and was threatening in nature. With this in mind the expatriate and local population in addition to the staff, all had threats made against their families (wives, girlfriends, parents and children) of a graphic, sexual nature…

So if you are a person who has a good heart and has been deceived into having sympathy for these young men and seek to bring them to Australia, I implore you to make decisions based not on emotion but on the raw tactile situation and make these decisions with your head. We are lucky to live in a safe country – let’s keep it that way! There is deep seated misogyny, violence and an often paedophilic nature that permeates their culture which is at odds with our values, that which we try to uphold, as Australians.

We cannot hold them to a standard which they themselves have no desire to be a part of.

We are also lucky to live in a country that allows for different ideas and opinions, but in the name of self-preservation, for the sake of ALL our families and children; if you are seeking to import these men, then your right to an opinion is directly endangering the public (particularly the families – myself included) should your ideals be reached.

by Alanah Robinson. “

“My previous post has been taken down. I find it interesting that it has seemingly breeched FB community standards for attacking someone’s race or ethnicity when not once did I do that. Apparently it’s not ok to criticise violent behaviour. I would like to point out that I immigrated here from a Muslim majority country, I’m not white and spent many years in PNG.  Due to the recent spike in publicity surrounding the Manus Regional Processing Centre, I feel that I must speak up.”

(Received by Email. We cannot attest to the accuracy of these events. There was a 2GB interview apparently but have been unable to source the link.)

Illegal MP’s must NOT vote on Marriage Equality legislation

Ministers with question marks over their citizenship should not be voting on ANY further legislation. By voting they are knowingly voting illegally and destabilising our entire Parliamentary System. They are thwarting our democratic process and their actions should be regarded as subversive in light of their trusted public position.

Indeed the Attorney General, needs to step up and stop all voting on all legislation until the dual citizenship matter is resolved. We believe everyone should write to the Attorney General and demand that he intercedes immediately.

The way our Parliamentary system is set up is that the Attorney General can reverse any legislation after it has been enacted if the outcry of the public warrants it. Are you prepared to fight for good government? Send an email TODAY to


Dear Attorney General

I am very concerned that Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten as leaders of their respective parties will attempt to enact the Marriage Equality legislation when many of their minister are still compromised by being dual citizens—ie illegal to cast their vote on ANY matter before Parliament.
I request that NO legislation on any issue be enacted until ALL Ministers have proven they are indeed fit to stand. 
Otherwise the public will be forced to petition you to reverse the legislation and this could have far reaching consequences on ALL Legislation that has been enacted this Parliamentary sitting since the election.
We trust you can put a stop to all matter before Parliament including the Marriage Equality legislation until after the citizenship matter has been resolved.


Good enough for movies—good enough for our schools

As a society we have developed a communication rating system—to protect our children from being exposed to uncomfortable and even traumatic viewing. Our “PG” , “M” and “R” viewer-safety rating system applies equally to the content of movies, documentaries, news and ads. 

 Over the weekend a “NO” ad was censored from being aired at the AFL—for the sake of younger viewers. It was actually labelled “mature content” because it included content from a Safe Schools program.

Yet the Safe Schools Program which has far more explicit content than the ad is currently considered fit to be viewed by children. Why are programs like Safe Schools exempted from our viewer safety ratings system? This protection must be afforded to our children from all forms of communication including in the classroom. Up to now school programs have been exempted from this rating system. This viewer protection rating system now needs to extend to all our school programs.

If an ad about Safe Schools was labelled Mature content touching on a minor sample of the Safe Schools program then the actual content of the Safe Schools program needs urgent review. We ask that the same system of rating be applied to classroom programs like Safe schools as to movies and ads.

We also demand that M rated school programs be banned to children under 15. Parents to accompany programs that are labelled PG…and if found to be “R” rated—only available to students over 18.

If it is Good enough for our movies…it is good enough for our schools.

WHY the Marriage Vote is so Serious for Australians

Many think this issue of Same Sex Marriage is about gay love—it is NOT.
This is a massive power play between the Government and families over the control of your children.

The family unit has always been the strongest bond in any society. To destabilise it, and take away the power of parents over children has been the stated aim of all Communist, Marxists/Socialists systems of government. This includes the United Nations,

Consider the Victorian “Safe Schools” program which sounds innocent enough about stopping the bullying of gays at school.

But how come…parents have NO control over what their children are being taught on this issue. Regardless of the content of the actual Safe Schools program parents and children are both powerless to say “no”.
– There is no opt-out for students who don’t want to participate.
– Parents cannot sign a form that prevents their child from participating.
– Parents can not sit-in on the training sessions.

We now find out from videos that the kids have actually taken during those classes that schools are teaching how to masturbate; role playing on being attracted to a same sex partner; how to go to sex sites and hide it from parents. Schools are demanding the right to be the go-to for abortions on demand, the pill and now gender transitions…This is parenting by the state. The Government in has taken it upon itself to decide what is in the best interests of the children attending their schools. This is stealing a parent’s natural authority.

Gay Marriage fits right into this agenda.

Consider this: Children will be taught to accept homosexual marriage even though NONE of these marriages of can produce children—their coupling is sterile.

Mums and Dads have to be replaced by gender neutral terms to accept unnatural parents. Schools will be forced to teach that homosexuality is normal and healthy— even though it reduces life expectancy by 20 years, 300% increased domestic violence rates and suicide rates and children under SSM suffer 200% more depression rate. It is FORCED acceptance of an aberrant lifestyle on a society through state run schools.

What happened overseas after SSM was introduced
– Schools are teaching kids about homosexuality
– Canada is forcing people into courses if they insist on using gender specific pronouns (he, she, mum, dad etc.).
– Christians find they are no longer able to say no to anything gay. Their moral compass and beliefs are compromised into even having to bake cakes for gay weddings or be closed down.
– Celebrants are having to marry gays even if they dont believe in gay unions.
– Freedom of living by your own moral compass has been removed.
– Religious freedom of the church is being targetted by LGBTI activists and churches fined or closed down.

The power of parents to guard what their children are taught at schools is being removed. One parent is now at the Supreme court trying to keep his children safe from what he considers damaging school programs.

Is this the future you want? —No power over your kids. Them hiding things from you…trusting teachers—over you who brought them into this world !

This is the biggest power play being done to well meaning, good-hearted parents let alone the complete destruction of Christianity—another aim of the far-left.

In 2015 Labor’s Tanya Plibersec, stated that the Government of Australia had changed 85 laws to bring same-sex civil unions into line with marriage. Gay marriage in the form of civil unions already exists…there is no inequality and as a caring nation Australia will iron out any bugs in the system that are left.

Our society can only be safe while the power of governing our nation rests with the people…and with parents power over their own families. Every Marriage Equality Banner has Safe Schools as part of their agenda.

Please vote no to this undoing of the fabric of our society using the institution of marriage. We are a free country and we want to remain that way

It is Okay to say No.

NB. Look at what happened in Massachusetts after SSM was legalised.

Islam’s war on the West —not taught in schools

Muhammad’s immediate legacy—548 Jihad battles, over 1 million European slaves taken to the Middle East. 16 battles crusades by the West to stop the Islamic Caliphate expansion by followers of Muhammad. Millions upon millions dead.

In 732 A.D., the Muslim Army, moving on Paris, was defeated  at Tours, France, by Charles Martell.

In 1571 A.D., the Muslim Army/Navy was defeated by Italy and Austria in the Battle of Lepanto.

In 1683 AD., the Turkish Muslim Army, attacking Eastern Europe, defeated in the Battle of Vienna by Germany and Poland Christian armies.

In 1815 AD The US Navy defeated Muslim Barbary pirates after waging a 4 year war after 200 years of Muslim piracy.

This warring by Muslims against the West has been going on for 1,400 years!

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Another Australian Embassy is putting Muslims first

Another Australian Embassy is putting Muslims first. This time it is the Australian Embassy in Amman, Jordon. The reason we know this is that a family member has contacted an Australian patriot page with their story who then became a witness to the blocking of this Christian family by embassy staff.

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Safe Schools—meet the new parents of Victoria

“Safe Schools” so called “anti-bullying” program has introduced a tipping point into our society that every parent needs to consider very carefully. For the first time under the guise of “caring”, parents are being denied the right to decide what is good for their children. Regardless of the content of the actual Safe Schools program parents and children are both powerless to say “no”.

  • There is no opt-out for students who don’t want to participate.
  • Parents cannot sign a form that prevents their child from participating.
  • Parents can not sit-in on the training sessions.

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Do we really want civil war?

The Finsbury Retribution attack by an Englishman mounting a footpath and driving at Muslims was a game changer for the West. It is the first time a westerner used terror tactics against Muslims.

Nor was it surprising that the perpetrator, Father-of-four, Darren Osborne, after being apprehended by those at the scene, said  “I have done my bit”.

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