OIC—the rising Caliphate of Islam

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the second largest inter-governmental organisation after the United Nations (UN). It has a membership of 57 countries, called “member states”, that are spread over four continents including the Palestinian Authority. It meets every year to deliberate over issues of concern to the member states and the united UMMAH.

The OIC is using the term “Ummah” on its website for the “Muslim Nation”. Let’s be clear here—this is now the body that represents the global interests of the Ummah. The Secretary of the OIC is even on record saying that the “OIC fulfils the function of a Caliphate”.

The OIC is the rising Islamic Caliphate that will eventually become the real Caliphate, governing all Islamic states— and the problem is that most people in the West don’t even know about the OIC!

More concerning is that part of the OIC’s current aims, as stated on its website, is to: “Protect and defend the true image of Islam, to combat defamation of Islam”—which means that its mandate is also reaching into the West.

In the past it was stated on the OIC website that one of its’ aims was to:

“to assist Muslim minorities and communities ‘outside of the Member states’ (ie in the West) to preserve their dignity, cultural and religious identity.” Understand it is also claiming jurisdiction over Muslims living in the West.

The OIC was the body behind the CAIRO declaration of Human Rights—essentially Human Rights according to the Islamic Sharia. Whereas the 1948 UN Charter of Human Rights gave Muslim women equal rights to men for example, the 1990 CAIRO Declaration maintains women as inferior as per the Sharia. The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights has been signed by all 57 Islamic Nations and submitted to the United Nations to represent the views of these Islamic Nations, despite what the UN Charter maintains about tolerance and equality. Those nations are enforcing the principals of Sharia—first and foremost above any man-made laws like the UN Human Rights Charter. See article 24 and 25 of the Cairo Declaration below.

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Human Rights and Terrorism

What the OIC means when it refers to Human Rights is that it means Islamic Human Rights according to Sharia Law. In its Charter when it says “to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms,” it is  talking about Islamic human rights according to Sharia in which non-Muslims are not equal but inferior to Muslims.

Under Sharia any Christian Cross erected outside a church is considered a Human Rights violation to a Muslim—because it goes against Sharia.

Under Sharia submitted Christians are forced to comply with Muslim human rights. They must agree to “no crosses on the outside of churches, no bells, no raising our voices and no burying our dead next to Muslim dead.”

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As Muslims come into the West we are witnessing the removal of crosses from public places, because of this twisted concept of protecting Muslim-only Human Rights.

“Contemporary Racism” according to the OIC means cultural not just biological discrimination and disparagement. In other words, “criticism of Islam—is Racism” according to the OIC. So when the Islamic world refers to “racism” it means criticism of Islam and Muslims by non-Muslims.

When the OIC use the term terrorism it is a term defined according to Sharia.

In Sharia, terrorism is defined as “killing a Muslim without right”. The term “Terrorism” does not relate to the killing of non-Muslims without right—only Muslims. (And “right” is also defined as per Sharia, as there are certain permissible reasons to kill a Muslim for example apostasy, sodomy, criticising Islam or the Prophet.)

The OIC also claim through its version of Islamic Human Rights that Muslims should be accommodated in the West and not be expected to assimilate.

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The term “Islamophobia” was created by the Muslim Brotherhood and then adopted by the OIC to hold anyone to account anywhere in the world that was opposed to Islam.

In the 2005 OIC Summit the 57 Muslim leaders created a ten-year Action Program which included combating Islamophobia. Section three of that plan moved that they involve the UN to “adopt a UN international resolution to counter Islamophobia and get all of its member states including the West to enact laws to counter Islamophobia including deterrent punishments”.

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It is mind boggling to consider that the OIC is actually forcing Sharia onto the West using the United Nations. In the Summits the Muslim only membership is deciding the UN resolutions to be imposed on non-Islamic nations, in order to punish people in the West for going against the Sharia laws of Islamic countries.

Islamophobia is really just the Islamic law of “slander” with a new name. Slander under Islam is a very different concept to the West’s understanding of the term slander derived from “bearing false witness”.

According to Islamic law, slander dictates what a non-Muslims can and can’t say about Islam. Slander by definition in Islamic law occurs when a non-Muslim mentions anything to a Muslim that he would not like, or reveals anything that does not benefit Islam or a Muslim. Even the truth is slander in Islam, if a Muslim finds it offensive or if it puts Islam in a bad light.

Part of the OIC plan was to reinforce the point by co-ordinating days of rage where Muslims would turn on non Muslims and blame the violence on some offence. Cartoons, books, films have all served to be blamed for these “days of rage” protests and resultant killings of non Muslims. The OIC incite this violence in order to force non-Muslim governments to submit to these Islamic “slander laws” to avoid violent Muslim backlash.

This is setting up nothing more than a “battered wife syndrome” on a global stage. We are witnessing Muslims the world over blaming bombings, killings and stabbings on the fault of non-Muslims because of some perceived offence. If the West didn’t draw offensive Muhammad cartoons or write offensive books or kill Muslims during acts of war in the Middle East (including against ISIS) then there would be no need for Muslims to backlash against non-Muslims. This is the thinking of bullies.

As a result the OIC has actually managed to influence the United Nations to adopt the 1618 resolution that asked for action on Islamophobia by all member Governments in the world (including the West) against offending Muslims.

The United Nations—a foreign entity—is now dictating Sharia laws onto the West from the dictates of the OIC. That is how we are getting Sharia law passed into our legal framework. 18C Offence legislation is being used by Muslims on the Australian public for this purpose—and we need it gone.

The 57 states of OIC are acting just like an Islamic Caliphate, coming together to decide what is needed to protect and further Islam and the Ummah across the world. It is manipulating our membership to the United Nations in order to install Sharia Law onto our legal statutes—and our dopey politicians, too eager to fit in, have no understanding of the dangerous game being played out.

It is time we got out of the UN and protected our laws, our culture and our Western values. The OIC should have no bearing on Australia, Australian law or the citizenry of Australia.

(Watch this Governmental Security Advisor’s video—who explains it all in much detail. 1.15 hours)

OIC AIMS: http://www.oic-oci.org/oicv3/page/?p_id=52&p_ref=26&lan=en
IC CHARTER(see section 12): http://www.oic-oci.org/oicv3/page/?p_id=53&p_ref=27&lan=en



TREASON—Hawke, Keating, Rudd, Gillard, and Turnbull

SMARTEST THING we ever did as a nation—voted NO to this Referendum.

SMARTEST THING we ever did as a nation—was voted NO to this Referendum.

In November 1999 Australians through a nationwide Referendum decided NOT to create a Republic. This was a confirmation to the Government that Australians wanted to remain as Australian with an Australian Constitution—we wanted to stay with what we knew. But what the Australian public didn’t know is that our Labor politicians were working really hard behind our backs.

One month earlier, on United Nations Day, the UN introduced a Charter for Global Governance (One World Government under the United Nations). They called it Global Democracy but it really stands for “International Socialism”. In October 1999, our Referendum the UN voted us in to its ranks…one month BEFORE our Referendum.

Next, the politicians removed the  “Oath of Allegiance to the Crown”  from our Law Courts. They sold us out to the United Nations expecting Australia to vote “Yes for the Republic” by Referendum.

BACKGROUND: The United Nations Security Council that oversees all the armed forces of the world was formed in 1943 based on the Communist Constitution of Russia (All the way up to 1988 all the Secretary’s (Head) of the UN Security Council were all Communists.

Another UN body that looks after education—UNESCO was the same deal. The secretary, Vice President and President were all Communist. In fact 12 Judges of the World Court…were all Communists. Why is this important is because of the stated aims when it comes to the global education of our children. The original Commission of UNESCO was written in 1946 by Julian Huxley—and became the organisation’s first director-general. He was a Fabian Socialist.

This is Huxley’s basic philosophy about education for UNESCO—destroy patriotism of your country and make teachers and the State controllers of your children’s education. (You only have to look at the “Safe Schools” to see how State governments had been planning to roll out this program without the parent’s consent.)

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That is the United Nations Agenda to oversee the programming of our schools. If you have ever wondered why your children call you a racist for standing against Islam or from joining the rest of the world in  global government, now you have your answer—UNESCO programming—taught in our publicly paid for schools, by teachers who have gone through our Socialist majority universities.

Here is the 2016 UNESCO plan from the Australian Government website. As you can see it is committed to increasing UNESCO’s role in our education system.


UNESCO incorporated in Australia and you can see the people who made it happen. Top of the List was our Governor General—Quentin Bryce and check it out…Michael Kirby was also a Patron—who was a High Court Judge.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.51.40 AM

This was done under Hawke who was a Fabian Socialist. (Fabian Socialists want a One World Government under the United Nations. Keating was one, so was Gillard. Howard was also reported as being a Fabian Socialist.) Hawke while he was in power introduced the Australia Act of 1986, (without a Referendum). The Act removed the British control of Australia and the High Court  became the highest Authority. Interestingly Kirby who was a Vice Patron of UNESCO argued that the Australia Act was inconsistent with Section 106 of the  Constitution.

However, if we became a Republic and put in a new Constitution these anomalies could be sorted out. This is what Labor Kim Beasley said in Parliament in 1990. You can see they were already angling for the Republic Referendum back here.

The Queen assented to the Australia Act 1986 (UK) on 17 February 1986 and on 24 February proclaimed that it would come into force at 0500 Greenwich Mean Time on 3 March 1986.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.04.02 AM




So, according to Labor if WE BECAME A REPUBLIC Australia would be handed over to the United Nations.

Were the UK Government aware of Labor’s motives in allowing the Australia Act to come about? You bet. Check out this statement made in the UK Parliament.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.08.58 AM


That is why they allowed Hawke to remove the Crown and opened Australia up to the United Nations.


However the United Nations is a Foreign Power. As we are still not a Republic our Constitution stands. Section 44 of our Constitution stands concerning holding position in either House of Parliament. Simply said anyone who adheres to the United Nations needs to be removed from Government.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.56.17 AM


When Whitlam came into power within 2 weeks he signed us up to the ” UN—INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL RIGHTS”. A treaty that essentially gave cultures like Muslims the right to practice Sharia in Australia under the UN’s every culture is equal.

HAWKE signed us into 6 different UNESCO Conventions.

KEATING : signed us up to CONVENTION CONCERNING TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT AT THE INITIATIVE OF THE EMPLOYER That ended up as Unfair Dismissal—It was was a UN initiative!

HOWARD: Disarmed Australia in 1996  a key objective of the United Nations committee of Regional disarmament committee formed in 1990 which Australia supported from Day one.

RUDD in keeping with the requirements of the “UN Rights of Indigenous Peoples”—apologised to the Indigenous people of Australia—another UN initiative.

GILLARD came into power, she signed us up to the UN Kyoto Agreement for Green House Gas Emissions.

BISHOP launched our bid to sit on the UN International Commission of Human Rights

TURNBULL signed us up to the UN Climate Change Convention, committing Australia to millions of dollars in Carbon emissions Taxation after Tony Abbott had refused to join and was deposed of weeks before the date of the UN convention.

There are others that will need to be added to this list which we will keep updating. It is important also to note that all but Turnbull are Fabian Socialists—internationalists that want to see the United Nations take control of Australia.

The United Nations according to the Australian Constitution is a foreign power that we never had a Referendum to join. Yet our pollies have been working with it to undermine the sovereignty of Australia while they play their globalist games—not worrying about the farmers they drive to suicide; the manufacturing industry they destroy; and the social cohesion destruction of their radical immigration plans. This Socialist experiment has cost us our financial stability and cost live of farmers and other people in business who have been betrayed by the Fabian and Masonic politicians. Citizens of Australia…we have traitors in our midsts. We need to get out of the UN and stop this erosion of our country.


There are also 4 videos (10 minutes each) worth watching on the subject:

1. https://youtu.be/Kh3Kb2cgZgc

2. https://youtu.be/HSNxzuz1jR8

3. https://youtu.be/4tlsaw3yXrE

4. https://youtu.be/Cg9OXVmcU6E

If Anjem got 10 years—then Islam should get LIFE



BRITAIN: Yesterday, people across the world including in Australia, celebrated as they witnessed Anjem Choudry receive 10 years jail for his transgressions against the British public. He has always advocated establishing Sharia Law in Britain, the inequality of women and the removing all Shirk* and non Muslims from all Muslim dominated neighbourhoods and joining and supporting the caliphate of the Islamic State. Yet all of this is required by his holy book of Islam—the Koran.

Anjem Choudry is a Salafist preacher. Being a fundamentalist, living in the footsteps of Muhammad, he has always preached pure Islam and acted his life accordingly. It is that the Koran demands all Muslims support Jihad and the establishing a Caliphate. It is the Koran that advocates the inequality of women and the Islamic intolerance of non-Muslims and their ways. It is the Koran that wants the West for Islam. If Britain jails Anjem for being the perfect Muslim, then surely they need to also jail Islam.

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Separation of Church and State is also Biblical

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.40.26 pm

Consider this: The separation of “Church” from “State” is a mandate from God made through the Bible to man, and not the other way around. When Moses took the people out of Egypt he was assigned the job of head of State and Aaron was given the job of looking after the Temple. Moses was civic and Aaron the church, The two roles never crossed and yet, they both took their directives from God

King Saul years later made the greatest mistake of his career when he stepped into the role of priest and made a burnt offering to God. He immediately lost God’s blessing and David even though a child was appointed by Samuel as the next king. King Uzziah, perhaps one of the most successful Kings of the Southern Kingdom eventually crossed that divide, went into the Temple and made a sacrifice. He was immediately struck with leprosy which rendered him unclean so could never re-enter the Temple again. The Bible is quite clear—The State and the King shall remain separate.

However history has a way of repeating itself. There are three periods of Christian history and the West that directly relate to this issue of “State” and “Church”.

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AUSTRALIAN STUDY: Mosques Impact Local Communities


We have gone to our Council’s Planning Departments with our concerns to no avail. Even our Courts have asked for the Social Impact studies that relate specifically to Australia. Now we can go to them both with the evidence that our concerns about Mosques in Australia are warranted. Finally a detailed non-political study has been done by a recognised academic on the effects of Mosques in Australia. The Study is called “A General Social Impact Assessment of Mosques in Australian Neighbourhoods.” by Dr Frank Salter, BA (Hons), M Phil, Ph D.

In this Paper, Salter investigated the social impact of Muslims and Mosques on Australian communities. He had two proposals he wanted to explore. That:

  1. People who defined themselves by their religion create a loss of trust and social cohesion.
  2. Muslims cause additional negative social impacts.

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Muslim Immigration and Why it Needs to be Stopped

Seen in the streets of Sydney

Seen in the streets of Sydney

To understand the Issues with Islamic migration is to understand that unlike any other group on the planet, Muslims and Islam share an interwoven a path of living life called Sharia. Islam prescribes what they eat, who they marry, gender roles, occupations and outlook on life, food clothing and laws of communal living (Government). Their prophet Muhammad is their absolute role model and the laws of Allah their guide for living. They are regarded above any man made laws Herein is the problem for any form of Islamic immigration into the West. They run to the beat of Islam not the host country. To understand the issues for host countries of Islamic Immigration we have taken apart some of Muhammad’s qualities as the role model for Muslims and what that means for our culture.

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How many have to die before we address the elephant


People are accusing Anti-Islam pages (like Stop the Mosque in Bendigo) that report each massacre as it unfolds before they know if it was Muslim-related—as being racist and divisive.

Understand these pages are also against the lies of “Political Correctness” and for good reason. The media, the Government and the police are now choosing to withhold information from the public because they don’t want to release that yet another Muslim was at the cause of a massacre or atrocity. It is an embarrassment for the multicultural experiment of Western Governments the world over, because it represents yet another breakdown in the fabric of social cohesion and security caused by the fundamentalist followers of Islam in the West.

We began in 2014, since then the pages have reported on:

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How we have allowed Sharia in the West.

shariasmAustralia has “politely” allowed Islamic law, Sharia to have its way in our country. This is becoming dangerous to our freedom, the equality cornerstone of our culture and it must be halted immediately. Consider the following:

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Selling out Journalism for Political Ends—ENEMEDIA

ENEMEDIA: Definition: (Urban Dictionary) “media–usually left-wing –that lies, distorts, censors and ignores key facts or information when reporting out of fear, ignorance, ineptitude or the typically willful promotion the a the Left side of political agendas only, choosing to dispense propaganda instead of questioning authority and practicing objective journalism”….(selling out journalism for political ends)

Sitting through seven hours of ABC coverage of our elections capped off the truth about the media in Australia—it is truly the enemy of our democracy. While many chose not to listen to the bias of the ABC election coverage, those that persisted were subject to hours of self righteous bigotry in broadcasts to our nation. So here is some feedback to our media in general.

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Today the Courts System failed us

We learned today that the mosque planning application for Bendigo has been given the go ahead, even though the majority of the town doesn’t want it, wasn’t consulted and a list of planning anomalies that measures nearly one and half metres in length. Justice has not been done. Political correctness has been done. Democracy has not been served, Socialism has been served. Here are some highlights from the past two  2 years of our long drawn out, expensive journey together.








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