Bendigo can now expect TWO counter rallies

BENDIGO 2FACT: The Bendigo Council passed an ILLEGAL planning application for the mosque. VCAT upheld it. 18months in the process and justice to the Bendigo residents was not done.

One of the pro-mosque Councillors last year confessed privately, to a local business group that they believed the amount of Bendigo residents against the mosque  planning application was tens of thousands—upward of 40,000. This is a far cry from the “minority” voice that the socialist Mayor Cox now would have you believe are against the mosque.

Considering ISIS didn’t happen until 2 days after the Council Meeting those numbers would have now drastically increased and not decreased.

400 declared objections were tabled by Council amidst internal rumours maintaining that more than 1000 were received but were made to “go away”. Residents contacted the Government watchdog who failed to find any truth to those allegations.

Prue Mansfield, Director of Planning was asked recently why security investigation into the Australian Islamic Mission was ignored. As she outlined in her response the planning application had been made by the developer and as such did not require further investigation by the Council. Legitimate planning issues of social impact and security ignored by Council on a “technicality”—the applicant was not the mosque.

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Now the Rights for Bendigo Residents group after taking the lawfare route have now called on the United Patriots Front to help stage a protest this weekend.

And who can blame them. A $90,000 partially paid legal bill and facing a further $300,000 to take it to the Supreme Court—just who’s house is underwriting this action.

The Left leaning Council under the leadership of Cox has sanctioned not one but two counter rallies. (Melbourne UPF Rally all over again.)

While UPF/RFBR are rallying at the Town Hall the left up to their usual stunts have organised a counter protest “Halal BBQ” on the council lawns to the right of the rally and a “ProMosque” peaceful gathering in Rosalyn Park 300 metres away to the Left.

Counter rallies just need to be banned. They are there simply to close down the right of Australian citizens to have a voice in peaceful assembly. UPF are entitled to their Voice. Rights for Bendigo Residents are entitled to their voice an everyday residents of Bendigo are entitled to come to this rally with out a Police presence to ensure their safety.

The media has been a disgrace on this whole issue. Not one local or national paper has looked into the bias of the VCAT process; the illegality of the Council permit; nor the removal of Australians rights to peaceful assembly. Instead they support the United Nations—be nice to Muslims card—WHAT?

Australian democracy needs media to do their job and serve the interests of Australia not the Socialist interests in Australia nor the UN.

Saturday is going to another social intimidation day by the left. It is time to stand up for democracy—from our Councils, our law courts and our Police.

Political Correctness has no place in a democratic society—neither do counter rallies. Pro-Mosque supporters can rally at any other time and at any other place. This is just plain bigotry—not allowing others to have a differing opinion. They are nothing but bullies and bigots.



    • freedomlover on August 28, 2015 at 2:11 am

    I want to tell you a true story of a white African friend of mine who grew up in a black village. While he was still a student he was invited by his black school mates to their town meeting over community issue. He recounted what he saw. To me this has became the hallmark of free speech.

    Every person in the community assembled and one person was handed the “talking stick”. While they held it no one would interrupt, they could say what they thought about the matter. When they finished the group would shout saying ” I-impala” (meaning something like “ain’t that the truth”) and then the stick would be passed onto the next person to have their say. Everyone, men women children all got to say their peace on the matter. When the last person had their say the meeting abruptly ended.

    My friend confused asked why there was no summary, no formal leadership decision, no community action plan. His friends just said…”truth was left on the table for all to see.”

    Take a “delicious” leaf out of this book of true freedom of speech—youngliberal.
    Counter rallies are just a group of bigots intent on stopping the truth from being heard. They intimidate those that want to attend. They block the process of delivery of peoples thoughts. They are there simply to disrupt the “peaceful assembly” that is every person’s right as citizens and to hear the opinions of others. They are the true bullies of free speech.

    • YoungLiberal on August 26, 2015 at 11:45 am

    You say that counter rallies should be banned for fighting freedom of speech? How do you not see the hypocrisy in counter rallies being one side of the freedom of speech coin…Your ignorance is delicious.

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