ACT OF AMERICA (FB) in the USA is Brigitte Gabrielle’s advocacy for national security

AUSTRALIAN LIBERTY ALLIANCE is a new anti Islam political party for Australia in 2015

ANDREW BOLT is one of the few Australian journalists addressing the Islam issue

CULTUREWATCH,com is Bill Meulenberg’s theology blog for insights into Islam from Christian perspective

NEWSNOW for the MiddleEast brings breaking news for the Middle East

PAMELA is an activist with a Fatwa against her, She brings the latest news and insights

PDLA Patriots Defence League of Australia (FB) is a national club that defends our way of life.

Q SOCIETY is Australia’s leading society on information about Islam in the West

RECLAIM AUSTRALIA RALLY (FB) is a rally page for Australian values on 4th April 2015

RELIGION OF has been compiling data of Jihad casualties since 9/11

RESTORE AUSTRALIA is an Australian Constitutional Reform advocacy group with an eye on Islam

RIGHTS FOR BENDIGO RESIDENTS (FB) is the page of the VCAT group in Bendigo

SAFE COMMUNITIES is an advocacy group for safety, amenity, cohesion, sustainability and community prosperity

STOP THE MOSQUE IN BENDIGO (FB) is an Australian activist page that educatrs and informs about Islam

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