April 2015 archive

Common Good—and dangerous for Australia

Australians are trying to fight the go-ahead of mosques in Bendigo and elsewhere on “planning grounds”. When the fact of the matter is that objectors fear being labelled a “racist” for contesting them on the one true ground for stopping any mosque—the threat to Australia’s sovereignty as a nation. By Islam’s own admission the West is the land of War responsible …

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RECLAIM RALLIES Melbourne—Letter to Authorities.

(LETTER: to The Victorian Premier, Acting Police Commissioner, and Australian Attorney General.) RE: Reclaim Rally 4th April 2014 Melbourne, Federation Square—Right to Peaceful Assembly Last Saturday on the 4th of April 2014 thousands of Victorians were denied their Right to Peaceful Assembly at a reclaim rally scheduled to commence at 1.00pm. Our admittance to the …

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