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Current Legal and Constitutional issues affecting communities as a result of government policies

What Facebook wanted kept from the Australian Public

  We have just been given the details of the post that caused the 10 people behind the infamous “Stop the Mosque in Bendigo” to be banned—some as long as 30 days—from using Facebook. The Admins posted this comment this morning: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Hi Guys we are back after Facebook placed a ban on EVERY …

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2015 Year in Review—(A Patriot’s Perspective)

The aftermath of the Lindt Cafe Siege birthed Reclaim Australia Rallies. Across the nation thousands of families and patriots came out with flags and posters to voice their concerns about the changing social landscape of Australia.   Melbourne Reclaim Rally supported by Danny Nahlia’s Rise Up Australia Party, PDLA and STMIB was the first set …

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Who is looking out for the Australian people?

There are many agendas playing out in the Australian political landscape—cultural marxism/socialism, big business, IMF, UN—but just who is looking out for the Australian People?   The UN for example is a foreign power that in order to gain relevance requires nations like Australia to reduce our sovereignty and individual power and hand over some of …

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Turnbull’s ignorance of Islam is dangerous for Australia

These following opinions were expressed by Malcolm Turnbull in a Q&A session (Mar 1, 2011) on Islamic schools. It shows the complete level of ignorance by Turnbull on the true nature of Islam and the threat of Islam to the free people of Australia. His speech last night in taking over the helm of Australia, displayed that his stand has not changed.

Police pepper spray Aussies upset over burning flag

EXTRACT:—From Patriot Report filed with Stop the mosque in Bendigo FB page 30/8/2015 “The drama started when the lefties started to burn an Aussie flag while at the front of the steps of the Town Hall. This was second one they burned for the day. The first one no one could get hold of it. It …

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FREE SPEECH—a lesson from Africa

FREEDOM OF SPEECH—Lesson from Africa. TRUE STORY: A white African friend of mine grew up as the only white kid in a black village. While he was at school he was invited by his black school mates to witness their town meeting over community issue. He recounted to a group of us what he saw. To me this …

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Bendigo can now expect TWO counter rallies

FACT: The Bendigo Council passed an ILLEGAL planning application for the mosque. VCAT upheld it. 18months in the process and justice to the Bendigo residents was not done. One of the pro-mosque Councillors last year confessed privately, to a local business group that they believed the amount of Bendigo residents against the mosque  planning application was tens of …

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Time to take to the streets—Bendigo

Dudley Council in England has been in the press this year because of a new application for a mosque. On February 7th of this year the EDL marched on Dudley against the socialist left in protest of this new development. Twenty nine people were arrested as 600 EDL supporters descended on Dudley to protest plans for a new …

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SHARIA is heading for Bendigo

  In this article we put forward the notions that any charity that supports Sharia—also supports abuse against women—which by our laws means they will need to be stripped of their charitable status. Australian Islamic Mission (AIM), the official backers of the Bendigo mosque, and a charity, not only admits that Sharia is already being practiced in Australia but wants to openly adopt …

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Bendigo Advertiser—media “Bully”

If there was an award for the WORST photo journalism in Australia Bendigo Advertiser would have won it “hands down”. The criteria is not incompetence—it is the deliberate misuse of photography to diminish a person’s standing. This is the real Elise Chapman and these photos were taken this year, one of them just a month ago—hardly an “unattractive woman” wouldn’t …

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