Buy Dick Yardley’s Book

Buy Dick Yardley’s Book

Australian Political Treason, Treachery & Sabotage

Dick Yardley is a well-known and respected Constitutional researcher,

Dick Yardley is a farmer, and the Author of Australian Political Treason, Treachery & Sabotage. In it, he documents the many treasonous crimes committed by the political parties that led senior legal experts like Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs to conclude that “the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States Territories has no basis in law.”

Starting on 28 June 1919 when Billy Hughes, a member of a political party, signed Australia on as a member of the

 League of Nations without permission from We the People voting in

a Referendum Australia has been in a legal and political limbo. The L of N was a forerunner of the United Nations.

This was an unlawful act and a betrayal of the Australian nation which severed our status as a British Colony under the British Crown, Common Law, and our 1901 Constitutional Law.

Every law passed since then is technically unlawful. As a result, Australia faces a political crisis of unimaginable proportions. It will take a massive effort to right the system to create a political, legal and social system of justice and freedom again.

We can only achieve this if Australians are aware of our political history, the wrongs that the political parties have committed, and who has betrayed us.

Unfortunately, because the betrayals started so long ago we cannot bring all the traitors to justice, as many of them are already dead. But those who continue to betray our nation are still in power. It is up to We the People to right the many wrongs perpetrated unlawfully and bring about a genuine government of the people, by the people, for the people. It’s time to end the political party oligarchy.

This book is an invaluable reference resource. Dick Yardley has pulled together all the information we need to understand the true scope of the betrayals. His book gives us a starting point to bring back the rule of law under our 1900 Constitution and Common Law.

Any Australian who truly cares about the future of our nation should have and read this book.

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