Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Opinion on Burqas and Hijabs

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.34.02 PMPROMPTED BY THIS ARTICLE:  A Christian opting to wear a hijab for a week.   (Link below)


The Burqa and Hijab is a requirement set down by Sharia Law for Muslim women. By tolerating this type of clothing in Australia, which many sects of Muslim have NO CHOICE but to wear because of their Islamic conditioning, you are upholding another system of law inside Australia. The Australian Government doesn’t recognise Sharia Law nor another foreign power, neither should you. That is treason and forfeits your citizenship.

The reason the hijab was invented and worn by women is so that they do not attract the attention of men. Muhammad in trying to keep roaming eyes off one of his new wives covered her in cloth. This has developed in Islamic society to where the onus of rape is now on the woman.

For many years woman in Australia have fought in the law courts to eliminate cause of what a woman was wearing for being an excuse for rape. Australian men have accepted their responsibility for their behaviour. Muslim men are still in the mindset that it is the woman’s obligation to cover up and not to be responsible for their behaviour if aroused. By accepting hijabs and the notion of “covering up” we expose non Muslim women who are not wearing hijabs to the unnecessary advances of Muslim men. It stops making Muslim men accountable to the standards of Australian men and actually puts Australian females of all ages at risk.

Finally the clothing sets women apart. It is divisive. In the west we use clothing to denote a role, but to differentiate an entire population group like this, is a form of segregation or apartheid in reverse. Pluralism (two societies) within Australia is not accepted by the Australian government. True multiculturalism cannot entertain pluralism. New cultures must be able to eventually be part of the single nationhood of Australia even though we are essentially a multi-ethnic culture.

If we are serious about not following the demise of democracy in Europe and England then we actually need to say “ditch the burqa and hijab” and require the Muslim women to embrace our laws instead of Sharia law. As for Muslim men, they too must adopt the legal standards of our culture and abandon the sexual inequality granted by Sharia Law.

In Australia, Muslim men must be prosecuted if they rape any women, regardless of how she is dressed. No cultural differences should be allowed as equality applies in law too.

As for well meaning Christians donning on a hijab is about as sensible as doing drugs and reporting on the seedy side of life…..Muslim women choose to segregate and separate themselves from Australian society—naturally that will cause offence and hostility from other Australians. If you want to come to our country, then you need to comply with our laws.

It is natural as an Australia to be offended by hijabs and burqas. They are used to keep people distant and out of relationship with the wearer. People can be offended by clothing, and these garments are a case in point.


HIJAB COMPULSORYThe Sharia Law Manual (for Sunnis)—“Reliance of the Traveller” 

Women’s Obligatory Clothing

“When outside the home on the street it refers to the entire body (N: or for Hanafis, all but the face and hands (dis m2.8) just as in prayer).”


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