BROKEN HILL tragedy of 1915 was an answer to the call for Jihad


Just over 100 years ago on 11 November 1914 – the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V, and caliph of all Muslims, who had earlier signed a treaty with Germany, declared a holy war against Great Britain and her allies, “the mortal enemies of Islam”.

The ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V, and caliph of all Muslims called for Jihad.

The Turkish sultan’s call was answered in Egypt and Mesopotamia, and in Broken Hill, Australia where two “Turks” launched a suicide mission (jihad) under their homemade Turkish flag.

The target they had chosen for their Jihad suicide mission was a train of 40 open ore wagons carrying more than 1200 holiday-makers.

The picnickers initially thought that the shots were being discharged in honour of the train’s passing, but once their companions started falling, the reality sank in. Four people died as a result, police were called in. A 90 minute gun battle ensued during which armed members of the public arrived to join the police and military.  An eyewitness later stated that Gool had stood with a white rag tied to his rifle but was cut down by gunfire. He was found with 16 wounds. The mob would not allow Abdullah’s body to be taken away in the ambulance. Later that day both bodies were disposed of in secret by the police.

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CLINTON—is in Internet Damage Control Mode

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-10-21-57-amThere is a massive smoke screen appearing on the internet. The FBI is meant to be releasing information on the Hillary Clinton’s emails. Instead, a very interesting reputation damage trick is being played out by the FBI and the Clintons to minimise the damage from the real information getting out before the election.

When you google “FBI releases Clinton” you get page after page of Google searches that relate only to FBI releasing closed case file on Bill Clinton of 15 years ago, curiously released two days ago and days out from the election.

The reason being folks, is to dilute the internet for at least 7 pages of searches from reaching the real damaging information concerning Hillary’s exposing at least 20 pages of TOP SECRET information through her lack of security maintenance.

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VITAL: This History is NOT Taught in Schools

Every person in the West needs to watch this short video on the History of Islam. This is the history of the world that we should be teaching our people concerning the Middle East. 270 million people were butchered by Islam. Over 1400 years Islam has not changed. The values and practices of Islam still remain the same. If we don’t learn from history we are bound to repeat it. This history is one we would never want repeated on us.

Brigitte Gabriel grew up in the Middle East and lived through the civil war when Muslims rose up against Christians in the only Christian majority country in the Middle East, Lebanon. She also speaks fluent Arabic.


Ban the Koran for “Swearing In” and Here is Why

Ed Husic officially sworn in on the Koran by Governor General Quentin Bryce at Government House in Canberra. Picture: Penny Bradfield Source: Supplied

In 2013 the first Muslim MP, Ed Husic swore in as the Prime Minister’s new parliamentary secretary on the Koran. In 2016 he convinced Anne Aly the second Muslim elected into the Australian Parliament, to do the same.

This is the set of principles they are both swearing, as their “moral code”. They include gender inequality, religious intolerance, anti-democracy, bigotry, inequality and racism—all of it very unAustralian, but there is more.

The verses below are just only a handful lifted from the Koran and for every verse here, there are many others to support them. They represent is the Koranic mindset and underpin the behaviour of the believer and for the most part have also made their way into Sharia Law applications (including lying—big chapter on how to do that). 

These universal tenets of Islam don’t belong in Australia let alone in our Australian Parliament. The Koran needs to be removed as a suitable text for swearing in by Members of Parliament as its tenets are counter-cultural to the foundations of Australian Society and the laws of this land. The cause of Islam for Australia is to bring Australia under submission to Islam, remove democracy and replace it with Sharia. Hardly suitable for swearing in an Australian MP.

Tenets of Islam:

1. MP’s to Hide their faith: Qur’an (40:28) – A man is introduced as a believer, but one who must “hide his faith” among those who are not believers.”

2. Sharia Law over Australian Law: Qur’an (33:36)“It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision.”

3. Islam for all Australia: Qur’an (8:39)“And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah” . (Allah is the deity of Islam and this commandment constitutes the CAUSE of Islam…”religion…only for Allah”—no others.)

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OIC—the rising Caliphate of Islam

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the second largest inter-governmental organisation after the United Nations (UN). It has a membership of 57 countries, called “member states”, that are spread over four continents including the Palestinian Authority. It meets every year to deliberate over issues of concern to the member states and the united UMMAH.

The OIC is using the term “Ummah” on its website for the “Muslim Nation”. Let’s be clear here—this is now the body that represents the global interests of the Ummah. The Secretary of the OIC is even on record saying that the “OIC fulfils the function of a Caliphate”.

The OIC is the rising Islamic Caliphate that will eventually become the real Caliphate, governing all Islamic states— and the problem is that most people in the West don’t even know about the OIC!

More concerning is that part of the OIC’s current aims, as stated on its website, is to: “Protect and defend the true image of Islam, to combat defamation of Islam”—which means that its mandate is also reaching into the West.

In the past it was stated on the OIC website that one of its’ aims was to:

“to assist Muslim minorities and communities ‘outside of the Member states’ (ie in the West) to preserve their dignity, cultural and religious identity.” Understand it is also claiming jurisdiction over Muslims living in the West.

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TREASON—Hawke, Keating, Rudd, Gillard, and Turnbull

SMARTEST THING we ever did as a nation—voted NO to this Referendum.

SMARTEST THING we ever did as a nation—was voted NO to this Referendum.

In November 1999 Australians through a nationwide Referendum decided NOT to create a Republic. This was a confirmation to the Government that Australians wanted to remain as Australian with an Australian Constitution—we wanted to stay with what we knew. But what the Australian public didn’t know is that our Labor politicians were working really hard behind our backs.

One month earlier, on United Nations Day, the UN introduced a Charter for Global Governance (One World Government under the United Nations). They called it Global Democracy but it really stands for “International Socialism”. In October 1999, our Referendum the UN voted us in to its ranks…one month BEFORE our Referendum.

Next, the politicians removed the  “Oath of Allegiance to the Crown”  from our Law Courts. They sold us out to the United Nations expecting Australia to vote “Yes for the Republic” by Referendum.

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If Anjem got 10 years—then Islam should get LIFE



BRITAIN: Yesterday, people across the world including in Australia, celebrated as they witnessed Anjem Choudry receive 10 years jail for his transgressions against the British public. He has always advocated establishing Sharia Law in Britain, the inequality of women and the removing all Shirk* and non Muslims from all Muslim dominated neighbourhoods and joining and supporting the caliphate of the Islamic State. Yet all of this is required by his holy book of Islam—the Koran.

Anjem Choudry is a Salafist preacher. Being a fundamentalist, living in the footsteps of Muhammad, he has always preached pure Islam and acted his life accordingly. It is that the Koran demands all Muslims support Jihad and the establishing a Caliphate. It is the Koran that advocates the inequality of women and the Islamic intolerance of non-Muslims and their ways. It is the Koran that wants the West for Islam. If Britain jails Anjem for being the perfect Muslim, then surely they need to also jail Islam.

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Separation of Church and State is also Biblical

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.40.26 pm

Consider this: The separation of “Church” from “State” is a mandate from God made through the Bible to man, and not the other way around. When Moses took the people out of Egypt he was assigned the job of head of State and Aaron was given the job of looking after the Temple. Moses was civic and Aaron the church, The two roles never crossed and yet, they both took their directives from God

King Saul years later made the greatest mistake of his career when he stepped into the role of priest and made a burnt offering to God. He immediately lost God’s blessing and David even though a child was appointed by Samuel as the next king. King Uzziah, perhaps one of the most successful Kings of the Southern Kingdom eventually crossed that divide, went into the Temple and made a sacrifice. He was immediately struck with leprosy which rendered him unclean so could never re-enter the Temple again. The Bible is quite clear—The State and the King shall remain separate.

However history has a way of repeating itself. There are three periods of Christian history and the West that directly relate to this issue of “State” and “Church”.

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AUSTRALIAN STUDY: Mosques Impact Local Communities


We have gone to our Council’s Planning Departments with our concerns to no avail. Even our Courts have asked for the Social Impact studies that relate specifically to Australia. Now we can go to them both with the evidence that our concerns about Mosques in Australia are warranted. Finally a detailed non-political study has been done by a recognised academic on the effects of Mosques in Australia. The Study is called “A General Social Impact Assessment of Mosques in Australian Neighbourhoods.” by Dr Frank Salter, BA (Hons), M Phil, Ph D.

In this Paper, Salter investigated the social impact of Muslims and Mosques on Australian communities. He had two proposals he wanted to explore. That:

  1. People who defined themselves by their religion create a loss of trust and social cohesion.
  2. Muslims cause additional negative social impacts.

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Muslim Immigration and Why it Needs to be Stopped

Seen in the streets of Sydney

Seen in the streets of Sydney

To understand the Issues with Islamic migration is to understand that unlike any other group on the planet, Muslims and Islam share an interwoven a path of living life called Sharia. Islam prescribes what they eat, who they marry, gender roles, occupations and outlook on life, food clothing and laws of communal living (Government). Their prophet Muhammad is their absolute role model and the laws of Allah their guide for living. They are regarded above any man made laws Herein is the problem for any form of Islamic immigration into the West. They run to the beat of Islam not the host country. To understand the issues for host countries of Islamic Immigration we have taken apart some of Muhammad’s qualities as the role model for Muslims and what that means for our culture.

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