The Strategic Placement of Mosques in Australia

1560598_1535102380067183_6137617189042123015_nThe following is an article from Stop the mosque in Bendigo on the strategic placement of mosques especially in 2014 near airports and defence facilities.



Of the new islamic fortresses (mosques) initiated this year 100% are 0-10km from an airport/airfield/RAAF base—and no one finds this is suspicious and worth ASIOs attention instead of the Local Councils rubber stamp?”

  • Bendigo—3 km to Defence Force Mapping Facility; 1 km from airport; short flight to Puckapunyal Army and RAAF base,
  • Currumbin—6km to Gold Coast Airport,
  • Kalgoorlie Boulder is close to Airport; and Explosives School
  •  Mareeba—Marreeba airfield and 4hrs drive or short flight to Lavarack – Barracks and RAAF base Townsville,
  •  Penrith—Glenbrook RAAF base,
  •  Sunshine Coast—Airport,
  • Tarneit/Truganina which happen to be adjacent to the RAAF bases at Laverton & Point Cook in Victoria.
  • Toowoomba’s first mosque opened this year; 1 minute to the airbase home to 210 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets’, and a couple of minutes flight from there (33 mins by car) to Oakey Army Aviation base.
  • I just can’t believe we aren’t treating this as hostile!
    They are strategically positioning to take out many of our Air Defences & Army Bases.”

Then the Supporters Comments started coming in:

  • I live in oakey and we had our air museum closed recently when the terror level was raised.
  • If you look at maps where mosques are ( and have already) being built, they have encircled Sydney, they have encircled Melbourne and they are working on the transport corridors in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area. My guess is the same strategy is also being carried out in other cities.
  • Canberra times front page this morning a 3rd one is being built here. DA submitted I think. So one Northside, Southside and central. How big do they think canberra is? Takes 40 mins to drive one side to the other in peak hour even! My objection will be going in.
  • Berwick south to tooradin airport 19.7 Kim’s ….. Just did my research.
  • I have a mosque right next to me that is only 15 min drive from the airport and that is adelaide’s airport
  • “House of Allah on waterworks road, North Ipswich, is about 10km as the crow flies to amberly raaf base by road 17km,
  • and you can add Dee Why Mosque, 12 South Creek Road, Collaroy AND No.305 Squadron, 70 ASouth Creek Road, Collaroy….I’m sure they hold a stock of firearms on site?
  • There is a mosque every hour from Melb to Horsham and from Melb to the NSW border
  • And the mosque that is trying to get approval from Penrith Council, won’t be all that far from the proposed new airport in Western Sydney
  • There is a mosque in planning for Salisbury SA , very close to Weapons Research Area , Edinburgh Airforce base , Submarine Manufacturer, the Airport where foreigners are taught to fly ( Parafield ) , Mawson Lakes a technology hub.


Courtesy: Stop The Mosque in Bendigo


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    • Herb Ray on December 16, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    Court of Appeal flawed ruling
    Amendment dded to original em to Tony Abbot
    We argue that last Wednesday’s Victorian court of appeals ruling against two Bendigo residents to stop the building of the Mosque is fatally flawed.
    The Court of appeal appears to have ruled against against stopping the building of the Bendigo Mosque, by stating that Muslims are entitled to ‘the free exercise ‘ of their Islamic faith pursuant to article 116 of our constitution, but pursuant to article 116 they are not entitled to freely integrate Shari and Islamic political supremacy law with their religious worship that is imposed on the public and corrupts the integrity of the separation of church and State and dominates our States democratic laws and governance- to develop a ‘caliphacy’
    In reality the Court of Appeal has upheld the building of a ‘Bendigo Secular Mosque’, and they did not determine if the Bendigo Muslim community are secular Muslims having their worship of the Islamic faith being administered by secular councillors and Secular Imams etc.
    If the proposed Bendigo secular Mosque is not servicing a secular Muslim community but is servicing say a Sunni sect sectarian Muslim community then the building of a secular Mosque to service sectarian Muslims is not compliant with the spirit of article 116 of our constitution and the building approval must be ‘withdrawn’-finish of amendment.

    • Shane Brandon on November 16, 2015 at 3:58 am

    This is the true islam.On everybody’s doorstep,armed to the teeth and ready to conquer.
    We need to be armed ourselves else we will become slaves to sharia.

    • teressa on August 29, 2015 at 3:24 am

    scary when you think about it they are gearing up for war i should think time to make sure my passport is current just in case we have to relocate

    • gail on May 13, 2015 at 4:54 am

    we cannot act purely with our emotions but we must always be on guard and never become complacent. The future life for our daughters and granddaughters rides on it . Australia wake up please

    • Bill Richards on May 4, 2015 at 1:49 am

    You can add that In Melbourne there are mosques in Preston (former home of the fire-brand el Houlali) and Footscray only 20 minutes drive to both Tullamarine and Essendon airports.
    Also mosques in the Western suburbs of Melbourne also within 20 minutes driving time of Avalon airport.

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