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Security Report on AIM—Backers of Bendigo Mosque

Summary. The Australian Islamic Mission (AIM), formerly Jamaat Daawah Islamiah, was established in 1973. It operated out of rented premises first in Lakemba then on Canterbury Road in Revesby. Australian Islamic Mission (Punchbowl Mosque) is behind the Bendigo Mosque. The Security Report details support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb-ut Tahrir, the Caliphate and Sharia Law for Australia. …

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If the Bendigo Mosque proceeds then house prices in White Hills will be set to fall 20%.

What Bendigo Papers wont tell residents about the new Bendigo Council Residential Strategy is the long-term cost to ALL White Hills home-owners. The 2013-17 City og Greater Bendigo’s Residential Planning Development Strategy has called for vacant land in the populated belt of Bendigo to be rezoned as residential. Owners of large parcels of land were able to …

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